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My Story

Hi Friends! I'm Tarah! Helping inspire you to make your life cozy & inviting through fragrance and home decor! It started in 2017 with Scentsy and has grown to so much more! Thank you for checking my business out! Let’s find your story too!

I’m a girl who wears many hats in life! Wife, mom, employee, business owner, friend, and sister! Yes! I still work my full-time job on top of running my Scentsy business! Life can get crazy and hectic but the beauty of Scentsy is you can make it fit into your life no matter what you have going on.

Who am I and why would you want to join my Scentsy Family? I’m glad you asked and I’m happy to share!

I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. We live in an A-Frame house, on a hill, in the wilderness. Or as close to the wilderness as we can get in our city. haha! We have a herd of deer that roam our area. While we love to watch them, we also hate having to battle them eating everything we plant. We also have a cat, five birds, and fish.

I love reading, (my Kindle is one of my favorite possessions), a good Moscow Mule, and enjoying time with those I love. I’m also working on becoming a stronger runner, it’s a constant mind over matter battle with me but slow and steady wins the race, right?

In 2017, the girl I was buying Scentsy through offered me a chance to run my own Scentsy business. I thought about it for a while, asked a million questions, and decided it would make a fun hobby. I’ve been enjoying the ride ever since. What I started out as a hobby has grown into building my team and helping others start and grow their own businesses.

Scentsy has blessed my family & myself in so many ways I wouldn’t have believed possible. It has allowed me to grow more than I would have, it has brought new friends into my life, and given me the confidence to know I can do anything I put my mind to. I am always ready to share with others the joy that is Scentsy products and I’m excited to help someone else take that same leap of faith I took back in 2017. Let’s see how Scentsy can bless your life!

Thank you for sticking your nose in my business!