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Tarah Manning

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My Story

Hi Friends! I'm Tarah Manning and I live in Michigan with my husband and our 2 boys! We love to travel, camp, and explore! I'm happiest when I'm in a new city, enjoying new food! I also love reading, my "to-read" list is way too long but I'm optimistic!

I jumped into my Scentsy business in 2017 and it has changed so many things for me! It's more than an extra paycheck each month, it's self-growth, making new friends, and helping others realize their own dreams.

I'm here to help you decide which Scentsy product would be perfect for your space, to help you earn Scentsy for FREE and HALF OFF with personalized shopping links, or to help you start your own Scentsy journey as well! I love to talk all things Scentsy so please reach out to me and let me know how I can help!

Every purchase you make brings my family & I one step closer to our dreams! Thank you for supporting my family business! It means the world to us!

xoxo - Tarah

-- 2021 --

Sales Incentive Earner
World Tour Attendee
Scentsy Family Reunion Attendee

-- 2020 --

Sales Incentive Earner
World Tour Attendee - Virtual (Thanks Covid!)
Scentsy Family Reunion Attendee - Virtual

-- 2019 --

Sales Incentive Earner

-- 2018 --

World Tour Attendee - Detroit, MI

-- 2017 --

Shooting Star Award Earner





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